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Automated Security

Alaina Engineering Services - Doha Qatar

Alaina Engineering Doha Alaina offer a wide range of both automatic and manually operated bollards. We have a large selection of bollards to suit all types of projects from simple residential bollards to high security bollards for industrial or commercial applications. They can be installed to give firm vehicular restraint while preserving an open and inviting environment. They are easy to install retrospectively as they can be either ground or surface mounted if required. Static or fixed bollards are ideal for pedestrian schemes, parks, and other situations where an effective but aesthetically pleasing traffic restriction is required You have assets to protect. Control Systems, networks and software can all help defend against security threats and risks. It’s time to manage potential security threats and build a more secure industrial control system that meets your needs. Securing industrial assets requires a comprehensive security model based on a well-defined set of security policies.

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